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High Complexity

Addressing the complexity problem from a new perspective.

Oscar Riveros's (*) research work with is oriented to solve High Complexity problems, beyond the polinomial complexity, with serious academic and industrial implications.  The addressed problems are, among others:

  • TSP, Traveler Salesman Problem. 

  • SSP, SubSet Sum Problem.

  • Knapsack Problem.

  • Change Over or Sequence problem.

  • Graph homomorphism and their particular forms (clique, hamiltonian cycle, isomorphism).

This line of work has generated several products, among them:

  • BOX PLUS. A service that allows to model and solve several problems with constraints of any kind, like the optimal route for a dispatcher, for example.

  • Deidos. A generic bundle that solves several types of optimization problems locally on your machines.

  • H. This product is a light implementation that solves the optimal sequence of a production, faster than any other product in the market.


(*) Oscar Riveros is founder and Research Architect at PEQNP  


More than ten years researching and developing optimization algorithms for Non Polynomial problems. One of them is BOX PLUS, a general optimizer for black box problems, allowing to adapt to any scenario, making any optimization problem suitable for commercial exploitation.

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