Where is value hidden in complexity in this industry? 

A mining operation depends on their operators and how they process hundreds of conditions in a hostile environment. We can help you EXTRACT VALUE from this scenario by presenting operational recomendations based on state of the art algorithms, avoiding excesive variability and optimizing your KPIs.

Some examples of these are

Crushing Plant Optimization

By using our algorithms and industrial engineering experience, we determine the best operational decisions during the operation of the crushing plant, achieving an increase in production.

In fact, these algorithms can be generated and used in any area of an operating mine: mine area, grinding, SXEW, flotation and thickening (tailings and concentrate).

Crushing Plant Optimization – Operator

Our algorithms determine the best decisions that the operator can use during the operation of the crushing plant. These algorithms analyse hundreds of online variables and take in account the operational conditions of the moment in real time.

Thickener Optimization

It’s based on the same principal as the Crushing Plant: our algorithms determine the best operational decisions during the operation of thickeners. We achieve better water recovery and above all, greater stability in its operation.

Thickener Optimization – Interface

Our interface is minimalistic giving the operator a friendly delivery for decision-making. This means that there is no longer manual calculation, judgment by personal experience and/or gut feeling.

Open Pit Optimization

Based on probings, sampling and projections, mine is divided into blocks, each one characterized according to its ore content Each block has its own benefit & extraction cost To find the optimal sequence for extracting blocks is a highly complex (NP-Hard) computational problem But worth to tackle… because it determines the business revenue