Reality is way more complex

Traditional queue theory falls short due to unexpected variations

Patients in the queue are known only superficially

You only derive a patient after detailed diagnosys

Specialties are interdependent

Service time varies with each patient

2 in the queue have 2! = 2 different ways of sequencing
20 patients have 20! = 2.4×1018 different ways of sequencing…
And some sequences are better than others… patients

¿How to choose a better sequence, in real time?

Many different patients
Several, diferent boxes
Many specialties, interdependant

The model integrates with existing systems

It doesn’t require the person’s identification. Just unique <id>

Emergency Records Hospital Information System (HIS)

Sends the current queue

Foresta IA Model

Returns a sequenced list

Foresta IA Model

The more the complexity, the more the options to combine better fits

Traditional plan

“The more the complexity
the bigger the loss”

(Not enough time to calculate a better fit)

Algorithmic plan

“The more the complexity the bigger the value

(Not enough time to calculate a better fit)

What does this look like







Real Time Decisions

Any periodSummary Dashboard

Actual time lapse shows the decision process